In memory of Dawn Purcell and Sylvia Wallwork

Dawn Purcell my mum was born on January 30, 1964. She lost her battle to cervical cancer suddenly on September 15th 2013. Then just 2 months later my nan Sylvia Wallwork sadly passed due to breast cancer on 5.12.13. All three of us were diagnosed within 8 months of one another, but we lost Mum and Nan very quickly so now we want to fundraise for a fantastic hospital that does so much for so many people day in day out. Me and Katie Swash are now on a fundraising mission to raise money for the trials Unit where me and Katie were both treated together for breast cancer. This is a great way for us to raise money for The Christie whilst giving me a chance to achieve an ever lasting memorial leaf for both my mum and my nan. They are much loved and will always be remembered by all their friends and family. xx


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